Seitan Sandwich (Say-Ten)

October 14, 2017

thumbnail-3I can feel real good about my lunch today,

  1. Sprouted grain bread
  2. cucumber
  3. vegan mayo
  4. smokey kale sauerkraut
  5. garbanzo beans
  6. grilled Seiten topped with daiya cheddar-like cheese

This came out really nicely, but I would have loved to have hummus and avocado to really dial it in!


Vegan Chili, Oh So Yummy!

October 10, 2017

This vegan chili came at me like wildfire out of the blue. I used these amazing maple breakfast sausages and textured protein, added in golden beets and carrots, sweet potatoes, pink onion, zucchini, black olives, nutritional yeast, lots of spices, roasted garlic, and garlic cloves, chili adobo sliced,  and combined with a whole bunch of different beans thrown on top of some quinoa and “forbidden rice!” I had to use the forbidden rice due to it’s name, it’s pretty good actually.  Avocado and daiya cheddar cheese also made this dish a complete success.  Family approval rating HIGH!thumbnail-12thumbnail-13thumbnail-14Quinoa and forbidden rice mixture, also put a veggie bouillon cube in this rice mixture, along with some hemp seed oil and nutritional yeast powder.

thumbnail-5These sausages are BOMBY!

Dinners! Vegan never tasted so GOOD!

October 8, 2017

This week I hit some dinners out of the park! Knowing that food can and DOES taste this good after going vegan, and you can make a difference on our environment and say no to animal cruelty AT THE SAME TIME, why wouldn’t anyone go vegan??  I am just baffled that people routinely second guess this way of life, instead of jumping in head first and never looking back.  These meals I have been making are making quite an impression on my hard to please family, they are constantly telling me they cannot believe these meals are vegan, that the cheese tastes like any other cheese, and the plant based burgers taste like any burger they have had prior. Food is coming together in a symphony that has me understanding how musicians make such beautiful music, they channel from above, as do I when I lay these meals down. Inspiration hits me and the ingredients’ list keeps building in my mind until a complete dinner is formed, seeming an idea out of thin air.thumbnailThese veggie enchiladas were a huge success. Hominy, green chillies, corn, spinach, mushroom, onion, zucchini, broccoli slaw, and cheddar daiya non dairy cheese. Wow they were excellent!

thumbnail-1thumbnail-3thumbnail-4thumbnail-2These Beyond Burgers are out of this world good, and just are downright delicious in every way. Topped with daiya diary free cheddar cheese slices, avocado and a mango salsa, then a side dish with quinoa, pine nuts, northern beans, mushrooms onions, corn and a bit of smokey sauerkraut topper. Delicious!

These tacos brought the house down tonight. The family is telling me I need to pursue a career as a vegan chef, and given the quality of these meals I am inclined to wonder if they may be on to something?

Textured protein, golden beets, sweet potato, Yukon gold potato, red potato, onion, mushroom, broccoli slaw, hominy, northern beans and a bit of corn, topped with mango salsa and avocado. oh my I could not have been happier with the turnout.

thumbnail-6If you are not yet vegan, I highly suggest making that compassionate choice for yourself and the environment, each and every one of us can make a very powerful difference on this planet and in the lives of the animals who are getting mistreated and slaughtered because they taste good. We do not need to eat animal products to live healthy, its a total sham! Going vegan is the best thing you can do for your health, which means your body, mind and soul are all getting nurtured by this lifestyle choice.

Eating animals is bad karma, and letting go of that karma and moving forward into loving kindness to all beings on this planet has lifted my being up into a higher state of happiness and greater well being. Do no harm, it is a statement that means more to me now than ever, and I am certainly glad I made this amazing and powerful change in my life!

Carnitas (Jackfruit) Bowl!

September 15, 2017

IMG_6117When I used to eat meat, carnitas were my very favorite thing. Now I have found their much tastier and healthier replacement without the animal cruelty.  I also got to make cashew cheese for the first time, and my oh my is it WONDERFUL!  My family could not believe how amazing this dish turned out. I cannot believe how super delicious these mock carnitas are.

Jackfruit resembles shredded pork, so you simmer that in some excellent sauces, onions and garlic, plus I added in golden beets chopped as well. and add it to a bowl filled with greens, rice or quinoa, refried beans, avocado, a garnish of your choosing, (I used broccoli slaw) and then pour over your home made cashew cheese and top with some cilantro. I also added a mango ginger chutney to the bowl to even take it one stop further.

IMG_6113Simmering Jackfruit in spices, and a broth, with beets onion and garlic added.

IMG_6115The cashew cheese is so freaken yummy it’s ridiculous, WOW!  Just soaked some cashews for an hour, added them to the blender with some of soaking water, nutritional yeast, spices, and some arrowroot, and BAM you have CHEESE!

IMG_6118The only caveat to this dinner is that it’s pretty spicy, due to the chipotle adobo chili that the recipe calls for, so if you don’t like spicy you may want to leave that out and find a substitute.

Lunch Oh So Yummy!

September 12, 2017

IMG_6019I tell you there has been no shortage of epic meals on this vegan journey so far, and that is excellent news. I am eating better now than ever before, and I can feel the changes in my body.  I don’t wake up with a stuffy nose any longer, and I have suffered from post nasal drip for so long, as well as constant throat clearing, those issues have disappeared!

I have more energy and I feel so much better about myself, and much more confident, like a clean conscious.

Loving this huge lifestyle change.

So excited yet another girlfriend has jumped on the compassionate train towards ending animal suffering, now I have a total of 4 of my closest girlfriends who have gone vegan along with me!

Wow!!! I am truly so BLESSED!

I hit the Vegan Jackpot!

September 9, 2017


I had some really HUGE WINS these last few day’s in my vegan extravaganza. First of all another girlfriend of mine decided to go vegan as well, so that’s 3 friends who have woken up to the truth of the horrific animal cruelty going on, and deciding to make a change in their lives as to not support that horrendous industry any longer. YES! It’s hard to believe I was completely uninterested in the unnecessary slaughtering of animals just a few months ago, I just wanted lamb or the worlds best burger. I wanted to eat meat and cheese because it tasted good, and I did not at all want to face or look too deep into the ugly truth going on each day so my taste buds could be appeased. We don’t need meat or dairy to survive and matter of fact if we want to thrive we need to give them up, our health improves immensely once we make this choice to do so.  It makes perfect sense to allow the animals to live in peace, and find other things to eat instead of them. So simple!

Now that I have had some epic food finds and created insanely good meals, I feel that this whole vegan thing is a Godsend!

I feel so much better in the last month, and am much more focused and alert, as well as happier and a huge weight of guilt has been taken off of me.  This guilt has been replaced by awe and wonder as I keep finding vegan nuggets of gold, showing me that this vegan thing not only aint so bad, but it’s friggen fabulous after all!


Vegan Pizza courtesy of Red Brick Pizza in Ventura Ca, vegan cheese (daiya) onion, mushroom  garlic and artichokes!

Vegan sweet potato pie cups!!!!! These babies bright tears to my eyes!

IMG_6004I found some awesome new milk replacers, and tea/coffee creamers! These both are so delicious I love them. The chocolate almond/coconut milk is way better than any chocolate milk I have ever had in my entire life!

FullSizeRender-15FullSizeRender-14Dinner tonight was way way way OUTSTANDING! We all agreed tonight may have been the best dinner thus far! Each time I think it couldn’t get any better, the bar get’s raised yet again. Here is what was for diner tonight!

IMG_6008Here are some of the times in tonight’s dinner, making if FABULOUS!

Here are some BONUS EPIC FINDS I encountered at Sprouts! These are yummy dessert foods, or snacks, but rest assured, your mind will be BLOWN by how yummy these items are!

FullSizeRender-9This bar was so good I literally was so overwhelmed with delight, I may have cried in line as I took my first bite, I couldn’t even believe this thing was vegan, my heart swelled with gratitude and JOY!

FullSizeRender-13Anything with the name CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE in the title, is a MUST TRY!

Loved all these foods I am showing you in this blog! Thumbs up!



Just when I thought it couldn’t get ANY BETTER?!

September 7, 2017

IMG_5992FullSizeRender-9FullSizeRender-10Well I finally hit the dinner jackpot!!! This meal was SHOCKINGLY good! Now we all know that everything tastes better with a pound of sour cream added lol, and this vegan sour cream is no exception. This stuff is a CROWD PLEASER!

  1. This Quinoa and Wild rice mixed together with liquid Aminos, olive oil and green chili’s
  2. sautéed tomatoes
  3. onions
  4. brussel sprouts
  5. vegan andouille sausage (so delicious)
  6. broccoli
  7. mango giner chutney
  8. elephant garlic
  9. nutritional yeast
  10. brewers yeast
  11. pine nuts
  12. pinto beans
  13. half a can of vegetarian chili (also vegan)

I sautéed all of the ingredients for about 25 min while the quinoa/rice mixture was cooking.

Quinoa rice mixture as a base and then topped with the sautéed goodies, and a football stadium sized blob of sour cream lol!


Why I decided to go vegan once and for all! What finally opened my eyes to the truth? My big life change explained!

September 4, 2017



I have been hitting the ground running with doing my research on going vegan, and learning how to properly and accurately inform others of what is going on in the meat and dairy industry. Knowing how closed my eyes were, I can understand how the people around me have their eyes closed as well, because they are following what they have always been raised to believe. Becoming aware of the reality of the extreme cruelty and suffering these animals have to endure just so we can eat them,  is heart wrenching to the core. I have heard it coined, “waking up to a nightmare” which I find to be an accurate statement.

The fact that I have ever participated in that abuse (by purchasing meat and dairy products) causes me to feel so much remorse and sadness, but I do forgive myself and I try to have compassion for myself because I was just going along with the status quo.  Now that I am awoke (as I like to call it) I am truly appalled with all the people around me who refuse to even consider opening themselves up to the truth. It hurts my heart and has me questioning so many things in life that everyone isn’t on board with preventing this barbaric behavior towards innocent animals.  It is so insane to think of all of the opportunities I had to become vegan,  and how many opportunities I had to make a real difference, and how I waited so long preferring to stay in the dark to the truth.

The truth is almost too much to bear, when I started doing more and more research, the findings that made their way into my path are just so disturbing and wretched that I almost feel like I am going mad. I feel I must be mad to live amongst a world so evil and so callous towards innocent creatures. We order up our steak and our burgers without a second thought of what the animal that died to become that meal went through, we never think of the misery or brutality they endured just so we can have this meal!  We never think of the babies that were taken from them, or the inhumane sick way in which they are killed. It’s way too easy to ignore all of this, when you are caught up in the desire for filet mignon.

It’s not fair that these animals are punished like this for our greed, it’s not fair that their lives are so filled with turmoil and angst, devoid of pleasure or a natural life, devoid of any basic kindness, they are treated like trash, and exploited for profit, and with zero compassion of the soul that resided under the fur, or the feathers, or the scales. I had a friend tell me the other day,  “the last thing I needed to worry about in life is the fish,” when I was trying to educate him on why I do not wish to partake in his freshly caught fish any longer.  I asked him if when they catch the fish and bring them inside the boat, do they hit the fish to kill it immediately or do they let the fish slowly suffocate to die, and it was the latter of course!  Either way, it’s really painful and traumatic for the fish, but the idea that no one even gives it a second thought to let fish die in this manner is really eye opening!

Again I am so sorry I have been so neglectful of the animals needs and blindly contributed to their cruelty, instead of trying to prevent it. Thank God every day is a fresh chance to become a better person than you were the day before, and these days I can wake up and feel great about myself knowing I am one less person taking part in the lie.

We are being lied too, we are being lied too when we think we need to eat meat to be healthy. We do not, we need meat to keep us sick and in need of medicine from the pharmaceutical industry, if we want to truly become healthy, we need to let go of meat and diary. The lie is so big and so great, that to untangle ourselves from it’s grips, we must use every ounce of force and determination known to man. This is a lie we have to expose in large numbers, larger numbers than have ever been seen prior. We are making a difference, but there is a long way to go, and the more of us that can be an advocate on these animals behalf, the better.

If you have read my blog, you know that I went vegan back in 2013, only to let it go and go back to my old ways after about 9 months.  I wanted love more than anything, and my partner at the time was very convincing when he let me know that he would love me more if I was making him meat dishes for dinner, rather than the vegan dishes I was throwing down. I was weak, and my self esteem needed an overhaul clearly, because I gave in and busted out the spaghetti and meatball recipe I had, and there I was back in the system yet again.

When we broke up in late 2016, I went back to being vegan immediately. It was a saving grace, and filled me with so much joy and relief, however I had also let go of alcohol a few months back, and the gravity of that huge change was just too heavy to deal with, on top of huge lifestyle changes wth my diet and values.  I was also in between homes and honestly relying heavily on my friends and family for meals and shelter. My friends were used to a Coral who likes to party, and eat anything, and I felt weird enough being sober, I just couldn’t remain strong enough to maneuver around both of these major life changes. So back to eating meat and dairy I went, although this time I noticed I felt really guilty and sad each time I ate meat. It gnawed at me, and a lingering shame would occur hours after eating each day.

In spite of the shame when eating meat, it didn’t stop me. I just wanted to do what I have always done, and with no second thoughts given. However fate was not going to allow that it turns out.  I had an old friend re-appear in my life,  and as a VEGAN of all things. He was one of my biggest foodie friends, like we did monster pig outs together for many years. Him being vegan was huge for me because I knew if he could do it so could I.

I still was not going to buckle though, and each day he would post all these videos of the shocking horror that is the slaughterhouses and dairy farms, etc. After many day’s of this shocking and gut wrenching footage I started becoming sadder and sadder when I ate meat, and the guilt was becoming louder and louder, and harder to ignore.

I went out of town on a business trip and on lunch one day I  ordered sushi and a ramen noodle bowl, with pork belly in it. I ate the pork belly and immediately wanted to throw it up. For some reason that particular pork belly really got to me and I felt sick and disgusted with myself. Like one must feel after using heroin again after being clean for awhile. I went back to work and festered on that meal and how it left me feeling emotionally. It was really intense and weird how affected I was by that meal, the sushi the pork, all of it left me feeling like I was a jerk who didn’t care about animals at all.

Sometime in the next few day’s the video that my vegan friend showed on his fb was of how the baby calf’s get torn from his mother shortly after birth. Watching this happen and the mean and nasty way they dragged the babies out of the pen and throw them into their new pen sans the mom, had me sobbing in tears.  This scene was the straw that broke the camels back. I had recently been bottle feeding a kitten at this time and so was already in full force mother mode, and I was missing the kitten terribly as I was out of town at this time, so when I saw this baby calf getting mistreated it yanked on my heart strings in a way nothing has in a really long time.  After watching that video, I stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG, processing the whole vegan thing, and the intensity of making the choice to go all the way vegan once and for all. I did not take this lightly, I truly and fully outlined each detail in my mind, and weighed the pro’s and the cons as well as a futuristic plan of what my life would look like years down the line as a vegan.

I had many fears surrounding this choice, as well as many worries and concerns.  I did not sleep a wink and just mulled it over like it was my job to do so. I got on my knees the next morning in pure humble and honest sincerity and asked God to please give me the sign that going vegan was the correct choice for me. I am not religious at all, but I do believe in a higher power and I certainly believe in prayer’s being answered.  So I went to work as usual but nothing was the same!  I felt different. I felt as though I had gotten hit by lightening and I no longer was the same person. Everything felt surreal and eerie kind of, like Twighlight Zone-sih. It’s hard to explain although it should be noted that this major life decision took place during a lunar eclipse, making it a very powerful energetic time in the cosmos’s aside from my own personal inward shifts.

The next day and into the next week following my big decision I prayed to God each and every day for a sign that going vegan was my path and that it would be okay for my body and my life. I was MOSTLY convinced, but an innate part of me that grew up believing that we needed meat to be healthy and that God intended for us to eat animals was still lurking down inside of me, and I needed to double check with my creator to make double sure that this was my indeed my destiny!

I ate mostly vegan during this week, but since I was out of town on a work trip, I had already stocked up on food in my hotel fridge. It was 95% vegan, and then there was some yogurt and some feta cheese. Interestingly though I had bought some vegan items at the store as well, like coconut milk yogurt and vegan burritos, but I still finished the non vegan items in that week, rather than tossing them out to be wasted.

When I arrived back home from the business trip I was convinced that I was going to be a dedicated vegan, however I still had my queries to God out in the eithers, with no response yet!  Finally I stumbled across “What the Health” and “Glass Walls” and many others like  “101 Reasons to go Vegan” and I felt like my prayers were answered LOUD AND CLEAR!  It was like I had gotten hit over the head with a Mack truck, and a piano combined!  I could not believe the things I saw and witnessed in these documentaries and interviews. It was life changing appalling, and something I will never ever recover from. The blatant torture those animals go through was too much for me see with my sensitive spirit and compassionate animal loving nature. I knew with all my heart and soul that God had sent me that information exactly when I needed it most, and that it was the exact answer to my prayers.

I never ever have doubted again for even a tiny second that what I am doing is the right and much needed action for me!  I know with absolute certainty that this life that we are living in right now, with regards to meat and diary is wrong and unethical, and we would not allow our worst criminals to get treated in this manner, so why are we allowing it for the helpless animals? Oh yeah because the real truth is hidden from view and manipulated by the people with ungodly amounts of money, to skew our thinking.

I went vegan in 2013 just to look better, to get skinny and because I was trying something new.  I was not fully one hundred percent doing it for the animals and their welfare, as I was too narcissistic to make it about anything other than me and my own wellbeing.

Naturally that did not last, gong vegan to look better is never going to carry you through the long haul, is what I have learned.  Society is set up to have you fail at every turn, and culturally you are an outcast when you embark upon this journey.  When you go vegan to lose weight or because your friends are doing etc, you likely cannot maintain it in the midst of so much opposition from everyone around you.

When you go vegan because you care about the shocking and tragic animal abuse, and the senseless exploitation of gentle and lovable beings with a heart and a soul, you will likely make it a long term lifestyle!  My reasons have changed dramatically and my eyes have been opened to seeing life and our reality in an entirely different manner as I have prior.

Going vegan is just a first step in my journey, and hopefully yours, the next inevitable step, is informing anyone and everyone around you of the truth that’s been hidden from them as well. Don’t get down and depressed if everyone you know doesn’t run out and grab veggie burgers straight away, everything takes time, look at your long game, and the lasting affects of your efforts to bear fruit down the line. People may take their time coming around, but they will come around, this much I can promise!

Thanks for reading. I am so grateful to be on this journey I cannot even tell you how grateful I am, it’s all encompassing gratitude. I feel at home once and for all in my skin, knowing I am living a compassionate life now, that honors the animals who don’t have a voice to stick up for themselves. I will make it my mission to do my best in every way to make a difference for these precious angels, and I hope that you reading this join in too.

Oh Yeah and here is my EPIC LUNCH at Harvest Cafe in Ventura, Ca! Vegan mushroom and spinach crepes with onions and other awesomeness added, omg this was BOMB!


Love and Hugs!


Breakfast of Champions!

September 2, 2017

IMG_5982My favorite breakfast these days.

  1. yogurt
  2. granola
  3. maca root
  4. hemp seeds
  5. banana
  6. blueberry

Soooooooo scrumptious!


One thing I have come to find out, both from personal experience and from reading a ton, and being in some vegan online groups, is that you need to eat way more than you are accustomed too when you go vegan. You must eat larger portions and or go back for seconds. You will get hungry quickly if you don’t do this. This is because you are used to eating and getting filled up with denser caloric foods. When eating vegan the food has less calories and more bulk, so you really have to eat more than normal to get really full and satisfied. Now personally I do not see anything wrong this new formula, myself I love to eat a lot so no problems here. However my friend who is used to eating smaller portions got really hungry in the middle of the night after our vegan meal. She did not go back for seconds like I did, and ate her usual portion size, but this time with no meat dairy or eggs in the meal, and she was struggling later with hunger pangs. So something to think about when making the switch into a vegan lifestyle is eating more than you ever have before.

Now that I have switched to this new way of life, I am way more excited about cooking and coming up with delicious meals. I had lost my passion for cooking, and was coming to find all the typical “go-to’s” that I had were not appetizing to me any longer. I was getting bored in the kitchen and really preferring snacking to out and out meal prep. Now with this new vegan journey I am on, I am loving my creativity in the kitchen, and I am putting more effort into having something exciting and really healthy to eat.

Win Win Win, I win, my body wins and THE ANIMALS WIN TOO!

Vegan Learning Curve Plus Amazing Dinner & Lunch

September 1, 2017

IMG_5981There have been some learning curves on my vegan journey. For one thing I realized I wasn’t paying attention to protein and making sure that I have been getting enough. It is really easy to get the protein you need eating a vegan diet, however you do have to make sure you select those high protein foods each meal.  I think I could have done better in that department and did a 20 mile bike ride this weekend and felt pretty out of shape. Granted I AM out of shape so there is that, but aside from that I think had I been more diligent about getting adequate protein I would have performed better.

Second my good friend made me an excellent vegan dinner, however it quickly became non vegan when she accidentally grabbed her real butter instead of the vegan butter I had brought. She felt really bad and would have made me an entire new meal if I would have allowed it, but I am not yet willing to be that militant. I think it’s important to realize there are going to be set-backs, and this journey is not a perfect straight line. I think it’s a lifestyle and it’s important to make ethical choices when I shop and when I make my own meals, and do the best I can when eating out. My friend is not vegan and yet she went out of her way to research a vegan dish for me, that meant a lot, and a little set-back was not going to take that away. It did have me thinking though, about how strict I will chose to be, and how I will handle such situations in the future?  The good news is it was just a tiny bit of butter, and the meal came out excellent, Vegan Shepards Pie! Wow.  It is nice to know my friends ate a healthy mostly vegan dish, at least one night this week, that’s something I am proud of!

I went hog wild on the vegan cookies and the vegan chocolate bars I found, as well as other likely unhealthy vegan munchies, and so now I am making a huge effort to dial it back and really make better food choices. I am studying the internet for all of the top vegan protein sources, and have made sure to add them to each meal.

Salad for lunch

  1. Power greens
  2. Garbanzo beans (strongly taste like tuna)
  3. pine nuts
  4. red onion
  5. brewers yeast
  6. nutritional yeast
  7. hemp seeds
  8. cucumber
  9. capers
  10. avocado
  11. kimchi (smokey kale)
  12. Godess Dressing (Tahini)


Dinner was a Pasta delight! This dish came out AMAZING and my dinner companion was also astonished by how dang good it was

  1. Pasta
  2. tapenade (olive)
  3. corn
  4. zucchini
  5. red pepper spread mixed with tomato
  6. mushrooms
  7. white onion
  8. broccoli
  9. black beans
  10. nutritional yeast
  11. brewers yeast
  12. pine nuts
  13. olive oil
  14. artichoke hearts
  15. Tofurkey Andouille Sausages. OMG bomb!

See photo above, this meal was EPIC!